Communication and networking are part of our DNA!

As a consultant, it is key to develop his internal and external network. 
At Avertim, we aim at creating a strong community of people, driven by the same passion and values. No one should feel alone in the organization, but surrounded by a team of professionals eager to help and support.

This is why we put such a strong emphasis on the organization of social events as well as professional networking, like:

  • Conferences
  • Monthly Afterworks
  • Thematic workshops
  • Professional association meetings
  • Alumni’s
  • Innovation café’s
  • Sports,  cultural events

Exclusive Online Event!

You are invited to participate to the exclusive event ”Life Sciences Post-COVID: the perfect time to support the industry as a consultant” hosted by Avertim on Tuesday 15th June 2021. During this online event, you will learn more about our activities and the opportunities in the Life Sciences industry. Register here !

See you there! 

At Avertim, we live our values every day and we cultivate our positive mindset.

Write your own story at Avertim ! 


  • Alexandre R. - Senior Consultant in Transport and Mobility industry, Avertim Belgium

"Among Avertim values, I would say expertise, value and involvement are the three ones which matter the most to me."

"As a senior consultant at Avertim, I have the opportunity to discover new things and to bring expertise with my clients, but I also have the opportunity to share my knowledge and to work with Avertim colleagues. Such combination of external and internal involvement offered by Avertim makes me feel recognized on many different levels."

"What I like the most in my current project is the ability to work on innovative technologies with fast and concrete impact on the daily life of many people. By managing electric buses acquisition projects, I'm taking part in a very important public transports transition."


"My time at Avertim is very exciting and enriching as they value and encourage consultants' own initiatives. This provides a breeding ground for each of us to come up with new projects and contribute to the company's development."

"I see my added value in the project as my expertise and opinion are acknowledged and taken into account." 

"It is very enjoyable for me to work at Avertim as I never feel left on my own. Senior consultants expert in their field are available to share their knowledge and coach us on specific topics, should it be needed. The Avertimers' community is a tight network on which you can rely."

"working here is a healthy and balanced mix of hard work, recognition and jolly time with the community"

  • Thomas R. - Consultant in Energy & Utilities industry, Avertim Belgium 





  • Jayson A. - Consultant in the Banking & Insurance industry, Avertim France 


"After a first project in Belgium, Avertim gave me the opportunity to pursue my career in France, on very important projects in the banking sector.  I never stop learning about the banking world and overall as a consultant; finally, I really feel I can be an added-value to my clients and that I'm more than a support to them."

"What I appreciate the most about Avertim is having discussions with managers on how to manage my project at the client. I've always received many pieces of advice on very diverse topics and on how to sometimes being able to step back and think further. "

"Avertim value diversity among people, ideas, beliefs and points of view. There is always respect and fairness when talking between 4 eyes. Transparency is obviously crucial between an employer and an employee and trust is felt between Avertim and consultants."