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CSR Mission

Build a company for which CSR is part of our culture

By supporting development of key industry players, our company has a wonderful lever in hands to generate a positive impact on economy, on society and environment. Avertim aims to provide services and skills that help our customers develop not only in a profitable way but also in sustainable one. Today it is more than a necessity to have CSR as part of our culture. In the way we recruit, in the way we prospect, in the way we deliver. In the way we act.



CSR Vision 

Avertim strongly supports the actors of change

As an Innovation and Management consulting group, Avertim wants to be part of the change makers and support a positive and sustainable growth. We want to show that our positioning enable us to support startups and associations not only by providing financial resources but also by bringing our knowledge, methodologies and tools to solve their issues.


 3 Pillars


Build a company for which we are happy to work

Being a consultant company, our first wealth is our people. A specific career path has been designed to ensure that each Avertimer feels supported throughout the duration of his career thanks to personalized monitoring. Diversity is an asset for us (22 nationalities, 44% of women, ...)


Avertim strongly supports the actors of change

Avertim gives support to different committed players that want to transform our society to a more inclusive one: the start-up BIGH (developing urban farms), the school Escalpade (creating adapted educational institutions for disable children), FruitCollect (combating food waste), Les samaritains (organizing campaign to collect and distribute donation to people in need).


We act on all levels to reduce our footprint

Since its creation, Avertim takes actions to reduce its footprint on environment: reduction of paper use , waste management in headquarters, reimbursing consultants for creation fees of Villo! memberships. An important step was made in the right direction: with the support of Bruxelles Mobilité, Avertim created its first Mobility Plan this year, with an action plan running until 2020.

Latest Projects




TADA is a non-profit organization located in Brussels Region that has the purpose to contribute to the integration and emancipation of Brussels’ socially most vulnerable teenagers and their entourage. They support approximatively 1000 teenagers with their network compounded by coaches that follow their evolution.

TADA’s program includes extra-scholarship activities like classes given by professionals. That’s why Avertim decided to participate to this program because we share one particular value that is sharing knowledge. Avertim’s consultants have contributed by teaching and coaching those teenagers about entrepreneurship and how to define a Business Plan. We endeavor to regularly iterate this experience and help their development by offering a direct knowledge transfer.

Mobility Plan



In the Brussels region, any company occupying more than 100 people on the same site has now the obligation to realize a Business Travel Plans (PDE, Plan de Déplacements d'Entreprise) in order to participate to the reduction of the pollution generated by road transport as well as the improvement of road traffic. Outside the scope of this action (about 30 employees in the same place), Avertim has decided to voluntarily produce a Mobility plan in 2018. As a result, a diagnosis based on the canvas provided by “Bruxelles Mobilité” was performed. A relevant action plan was elaborated for the 2018-2020 period to encourage Avertimers and visitors to adopt sustainable modes of travel.




Avertim took the opportunity of its Christmas drink last year to involve for the first time Avertimers in the « Shoes-Box » operation initiated by les samaritains asbl of Brussels. Fifty carefully prepared and wrapped boxes were collected under the tree, transported to the premises of Resto du Coeur in Brussels and finally offered to homeless and poor of Belgium during the year-end holiday season.


A few months ago, the Avertim's CSR team invited us to attend three public events: the theater play "Les Chatouilles", the screening of the Belgian movie "Noces" supported by Amnesty International, and a conference of Professor Erik Swyngedouw on sustainable transition and capitalism. Attending these events enabled me to discover inspiring people, experts on key social and cultural topics. It was also great opportunities to spend time with other Avertimers, outside of the office, to discuss and share our points of view beyond our everyday life on a client mission.

Lucie B. - Consultant 


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