The management of the railway company has defined a strategic plan focused on 5 priorities, among them Safety and Punctuality



  • Strengthen the Safety Culture and the Punctuality aspect
  • Support Asset Management and Traffic Management departments in rolling out a revised REX


Our Approach

  • Assess the As-Is REX process maturity ​
  • Assess the events analysis methodology, called STA (Systemic and Transversal Analysis)​
  • Conduct the meetings & interviews with stakeholders ​
  • Clarify the As-Is REX process​
  • Seek alignment on the REX process​
  • Gather the requirements​
  • Design the To-Be high-level REX process​
  • Moderate the workshops with experts to specify the To-be process​
  • Describe the REX process flows and entities​
  • Structure the REX process entities’ the roles, & responsibilities, the organization, the decision making and the timing​
  • Consolidate the different documents about the events analysis methodology 



  • Completion of the Conceptual phase
  • Structuration of the REX process, that became transversal, organized and more efficient
  • Definition of the REX process entities’ roles, responsibilities, organization, decision making and timing
  • Significant improvement of the Communication between impacted departments