A company specialized in gas transport has decided to improve the efficiency of its Quality Management System (QMS) & Safety Management System (SMS) for an alternative energy supplier in Belgium



  • Control and improve processes
  • Enhance the efficiency and simplify processes
  • Align different processes to the norm EN16348
  • Strengthen the safety culture within the company via SOUL project (Safety Ownership human skills Leadership)


Our Approach

  • Assess the As-Is processes maturity
  • Identify involved stakeholders into processes & procedures within different departments
  • Conduct meetings & interviews to:
  • Clarify As-Is processes
  • Agree the planning to introduce changes and improvements
  • Align different understanding of processes
  • Carry out a thorough analysis to diagnose the As-Is processes
  • Carry out recommendations and advice for the To-Be process for incident/events management
  • Coordinate phases between different coupled projects
  • Support and guide the business to structure, organize, maximize the efficiency of its processes and procedures



  • Provide diagnosis and recommendations on the end-to-end process of incidents/events management
  • Prepare the planning of different phases with well-defined milestones and deliverables