Within a major Energy company, give support to the launch of a new smart home product (IoT) in parallel to company rebranding repositioning & communication



  • Define and roll-out of communication approach
  • Align market communication
  • Define a sales strategy & channels to manage sales volumes
  • Be the link between Marketing and Communication
  • Define phased launch roadmap over 7 months period


Our Approach


  • Define roles & responsibilities within the Go2Market team
  • Confirm 3-phased launch roadmap: End February: testing on Batibouw, April: Awareness campaign, September: Commercial campaign
  • Agree on a collaboration framework with Marketing & Communication departments
  • Define communication & sales channels
  • Agree on target audiences and subsequent sales pitches & USPs
  • Manage agencies for production of TV and radio ads, as well as post-sales videos for self-care pages on major energy company site
  • Validate & implement full communication planning
  • Define a specific approach for social media
  • Align on expected sales output with installation capacities on the field



  • Batibouw trial was successful, exceeding sales targets by 164% and gathering important feedback from the field
  • April launch performed as scheduled
  • April communication fully aligned with a rebranding campaign
  • Gradual awareness build-up on social media going as planned