An international rail transport company wanted to improve its way of workings between the different parties on the floor




  • Identify the roles and tasks of each party ​
  • Define and implement the desired "To Be" situation that takes into account the correct roles, tasks, communication channels and decision matrix​


Our Approach 

  • Organization of workshops to draw up the VSM (Value Stream Mapping) and the have the VOC (Voice Of Customer)
  • Clustering of issues in order to define the main axes of improvement
  • GEMBA walks on the field and drawing up of spaghetti diagrams
  • Plan optimized based on Operational Excellence core principles (Lean efficiency)
  • Put in place workgroups that take the responsibility of the future situation (organization, tasks, roles, processes, communications and decisions)
  • Animate and follow-up the workgroups to ensure future compatibility by the “Plan-Do-Check-Act”-methodology
  • Train all involved people



  • Identification of clear tasks and roles & responsibilities within all parties​
  • Improvement of the communications and messages between the different parties
  • Optimization and rationalization of the decision-making process (decisions are taken by the correct functions)
  • Optimization of the punctuality of trains​