Within R&D department (patient data clinical trial data, investigators & Study Staff) of a major pharmaceutical company, support a major corporate-level program to reach GDPR Compliance as of May 2018


  • Need for arbitrage between Privacy & the specific regulations of the pharmaceutical sector
  • Need for feedback to the Corporate management regarding practical issues

Our Approach

  • Identifying sensitive information broader than privacy 
  • Implementing and executing operations to improve Data privacy within Vaccines R&D
  • Coordinating the risks response plan related to data privacy risks within R&D
  • Supporting the business to identify and report Data Privacy breaches 
  • Updating procedures to anticipate GDPR implementation
  • Organizing the R&D contact for Information Protection (organization of workshops, formalization of requirements)



  • Set up of the procedures and quick wins, after weeks in the projects
  • Identification of Data Breaches
  • Real and visible impact on GDPR awareness