Unlock your potential at Avertim ! 

Developing everyone’s potential while developing the organization is a challenge for any company

Knowledge is priceless, but if it is not shared, knowledge is useless.

We are constantly striving to promote internal initiatives from all consultants to share and develop their expertise:

●  sharing tools and methodologies to develop the "Avertim Consultant Suitcase"
●  doing continuous improvement on our different service lines and frameworks
●  exchanging best practices during sectorial workshops

We support knowledge management with our complete offer of Training, Coaching and Mentoring programs open to all Avertimers.


Each of our consultants has the opportunity to follow one of Avertim’s training pathways.
We are committed to training consultants in both Soft and Hard skills with the help of our internal experts and external training partners.

More than 50 training modules have been offered so far, constantly expanding with an average of 7 new courses per year. In order to bring excellence on our projects, we support our teams in the follow up of certification trainings.




Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring programs are tailor-made according to each individual’s projects and development needs in order to reach personal and professional accomplishment.

This is where seniors meet juniors, supporting them in the fulfilment of their career and sharing their experience every day, whatever the sector or expertise.



Consultants trained per year


Certifications modules proposed in our training program 


Consultants very satisfied with the quality of trainings


“I feel connected with other Consultants.  At Avertim, a lot of events are planned to keep everyone in touch.  Mutual support by coaching or mentoring is promoted within Avertim.  We keep also a close link with the company via our manager.”

“I have several projects in parallel but I also offer advice or support other Consultants in their own projects. This is a great part of my job!”

“A Senior Consultant doesn’t need a tool, he needs advice and challenges his ideas.  Even with more than 20 years of experience, it’s important to have an outside look”

“There is a real training program at Avertim but the best way to learn is to exchange with other Consultants and work together for example in the Solution Lab.”

  • Laurent V. - Consulting Manager in the Life Sciences & Chemicals industry, Avertim Belgium