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Innovate, Perform, Comply

Avertim is a European Innovation and Management consulting group recognized as a trusted partner by top players in multiple sectors.

Our mission is to help our clients to perform, innovate and comply, from strategy to operations. 

Avertim's 7 service lines

Strategy & Corporate Finance

Business development & corporate finance need to anticipate uncertainty. With constant changes, companies must ensure strategic decisions can be made and supported.

Sales & Marketing

In this rapidly changing and competitive area, creating and implementing successful marketing growth strategies requires exceptional insight and tools.

Digital & Analytics

Digital is everywhere. The rise of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence or Big Data is leading us into a new era of digital and data-driven organisations.


Connecting strategy & operations is key for steering organisations to success. Learn how companies can achieve ongoing excellence in today’s changing market.

Quality, Risk & Compliance

Effective risk management isn’t just about compliance – it also eliminates issues, ensures quality control & puts organisations in control of their circumstances.

Business Transformation

In today’s competitive environment, business model transformation is key. Successful change efforts increase resilience & sustainability, honing a competitive edge.


Corporate sustainability is an unavoidable topic. Organisations must embrace and embed sustainability at their core - aligning people, planet, and profit.


Life Sciences & Chemicals
Life Sciences & Chemicals

Life Sciences and Chemicals industries are facing different challenges due to increased pressure on costs from government control on health expenses.

Transport & Mobility
Transport & Mobility

Driven by evolving regulations and market dynamics, and shaped by advancement in technology, the Transport & Mobility sector is a rapidly changing landscape.

Energy & Utilities
Energy & Utilities

Impacted by market liberalization and changing directives/regulations and influenced by technologies evolutions, the Energy & Utilities industry is an environment which shifts on a daily basis.

Banking & Insurance
Banking & Insurance

Recent structural changes have forced banking and insurance companies to elaborate new strategies and innovate in order to confront new challenges. 

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Published on November 09, 2022

End of October, our new colleagues from the four offices met in Brussels for a two-day International Onboarding.

Published on November 09, 2022

Avertim raised 1250€ for CAP-48 during the European Mobility Week

Published on October 12, 2022

Our directors are working on the future of the company next couple of days in a dedicated seminar


Discover life at Avertim


Avertim has a strong network of consultants who know each other, which strengthens internal involvement and creates a nice human experience. 

Jean-Rémy J.- Senior Consultant
Jean-Rémy J.- Senior Consultant

I joined Avertim because it is one of the leading consulting groups in the Life Sciences and Chemicals Industry. Avertim offers excellent trainings to develop my career. 

Héloïse E. - Project Analyst
Héloïse E. - Project Analyst