Companies that will succeed are the ones positioning themselves on emerging markets, the ones making competitive advantage out of a continuously increasing regulation and those bringing new services and value to the patient or to the public health system. 

Driven by research & innovation and at the same time very conservative when it comes to processes and compliance, the Life Sciences & Chemicals industries are facing major challenges that might drastically change the sector landscape by 2020; traditional players strive for increasing R&D profitability, bringing agility to their supply chain or trying not to miss the move towards digitalization and industry 4.0, while being challenged by new entrants, generics or biosimilar manufacturers and tech companies active in wearables and mobile health applications.

Avertim advises and supports various Life Sciences players in making a competitive advantage out of the following market challenges, from organization to operations and all along the value chain. 

  • Post M&A: ensure effective and compliant post-integration to build a robust product portfolio and pipeline or develop beyond-the-pill products or services offerings
  • Generic & biosimilars: define how to react towards market changes and transform threats into opportunities
  • Supply chain agility: shorten time-to-market while coping with increasing complexity and regulation
  • Digitalization: managing the revolution of data, digital solutions and smart processes both for the industry 4.0 and the improvement of customer experiences
 We are proud to announce our new partnership with a dynamic and motivated Life Science organization based in Belgium:



Future challenges

Regulatory and quality compliance
Regulatory and quality compliance

Set up proper risk-monitoring, quality systems and culture to leverage on compliance for better products and services

Research & Development profitability
Research & Development profitability

Control spending and ensure sufficient results and payoffs to preserve revenue base in a context of increased competition and government subsidies reduction

Emerging markets and outsourcing
Emerging markets and outsourcing

Increasing emerging markets demand, low-value activities outsourcing and R&D relocation to attractive countries force companies to look after flexibility and efficiency in third parties management (eg: CDMO, CRO...)



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