The mission consisted in the implementation of a new strategy plan to reduce the involvement of animals in the production of pharmaceutical products. This plan was driven by compliance, business opportunity and social responsibility.



  1. Implementation of a strategic plan to reduce the impact of animal involvement for the pharma quality department.
  2. Follow-up of the planning, resources and reporting.
  3. Governance : align on R&R, facts & data decisions-based.
  4. Performance: dashboard/KPIs showing on time delivery  milestones & animal reduction.


Our approach 

Support of the 3R program management as follow: 

  1. Developed tool: knowledge management tools and KPIs.  
  2. Business case: overview of the ROI, FTE and lead time result at the closure of a project.
  3. Tracked progress: monitoring and management of the project status.
  4. Transversal stakeholder management.



  • The Project Portfolio was manageable.
  • Progress was measured using KPIs.
  • The projects’ investments were justified.
  • The long term vision was shared and realistic.
  • Relevant status and reporting data were available anytime.

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