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Connecting strategy and operations management is vital for steering organisations to success, but how can companies achieve ongoing excellence in today’s constantly changing market?

Operations are the cornerstone of companies’ achievements. Effective operational optimisation enables businesses to consistently lead the market by developing and offering competitive high-quality products and services.

Achieving this is no easy task, however. Companies must constantly optimise their processes at every level of their organisations, even as operations management becomes more complex.

Businesses are facing significant challenges that impact their operations and ability to produce products efficiently and effectively, including:

  • Supply chain disruption and supply bottlenecks;
  • Trade volatility;
  • Rising cost;
  • Legal and social requirements;
  • Increasing customer requirements for product individualisation and the associated shortened innovation cycles; and
  • The rise of digitalisation in all business areas and challenges related to Industry 4.0.

Organisations require a proactive approach and need to adopt innovative strategies and technologies to remain competitive and sustainable in today's everchanging business environment.

Our approach to operations

At Avertim we believe that the constant connection of strategy and operations is vital for organisational success.

Adaptation is the winning factor for dealing with uncertainty and for delivering sustainable growth for both businesses and society. First-rate operations management allows companies to future-proof their organisation while gaining resilience and agility. To excel in operations management, companies are constantly required to optimize their value chain, transform their operations and unite their operations with data and digital solutions to shape new capabilities.

Effective operations management will help to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase the bottom line.


How Avertim can help you

We know how to bring value to every level of the organisation, from procurement to manufacturing. We can support you on topics such as:

  • Process Management and Operational Excellence: optimisation of production processes to increase output,reduce lead times and improve product quality
  • Supply Chain Management: optimization of the end-to-end supply chain, identifying opportunities to save cost, reduce lead times and improve overall supply chain performance.
  • Procurement Excellence: set-up best in class procurement practices by effective supplier management practices, identify sourcing opportunities and improve overall procurement performance.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing and Digital Operations: leveraging data and analytics to drive improvements to manufacturing processes.

Our tried and tested approach is hands-on with tools and practical methodologies to support clients through each phase of their transformation process. Avertim supports clients in the ongoing process of staying up to date in a constantly changing market, and in staying resilient and agile while future-proofing their organisation.

Change may be constant but our clients consistently lead the market in developing and offering competitive high-quality products and services.


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