Mastering quality, risk and compliance challenges

Effective risk management isn’t just about compliance – it also eliminates issues, ensures quality control and puts organisations firmly in control of their circumstances.

Risks and issues can’t be considered merely as possibilities in today’s business environment. The days of “do first; mitigate risk and issues after” are long gone as the size of operations, and the level of harm that may occur, means risks will impact every business at some point.

Regulators are always seeking to further limit risks and imposing further controls with stricter and more complex regulations. To protect their reputations and assets for the long run, companies must be able to meet and exceed the high level of quality expected from regulators.

Proactive risk management makes inarguable business sense but needs to be done in an efficient way, avoiding never-ending improvement projects or inaccurate solutions. Quality by design is now the essential approach for companies.

Our approach to risk management

Avertim’s tried and trusted principles help our clients achieve high levels of quality control and compliance, while staying focused on future profitability.

  • Big picture overview: control and audit processes can get disorderly when divided across departments, entities, countries and legislations. A central thinking lab offers oversight, keeping goals linked to the company’s strengths to guarantee an efficient approach.
  • Get on the inside track to stay ahead of regulations and businesses changes. Become a part of “regulatory – compliance – quality” intercompany “think tanks”.
  • No deadline panics. Steady and early preparation is vital across every sector to ensure compliance.
  • Continuous improvement and operational excellence is applied to across the board to all departments to ensure regulatory and quality expectations.
  • As regulators’ actions can be unforeseen, a budget for monitoring and provisions to cope are optimized and embedded into every single projects’ approach.
  • Understanding and implementing new technologies and systems is key for ongoing sustainable risk management.
  • Remediation.

By identifying and eliminating potential issues, Avertim’s approach enables our clients to make strategic and future-focused decisions, making organisations more resilient and competitive.

How Avertim can help you

Avertim has delivered internal and external audits, managed supervisory authorities’ inspections, followed and assessed suppliers all over Europe, and analysed and anticipated trends caused by new regulations.

Our expertise allows our clients to be secure in their compliance readiness so they can focus on the development of their core business. Thanks to our deep knowledge of clients’ businesses and regulatory obligations, we can assist our clients in:

  • Inspection & Audit readiness;
  • Operational Quality Excellence;
  • Risk assessment and risk management frameworks implementation;
  • Regulatory & Compliance Management;and
  • Data Integrity.

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