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Digital is everywhere. The rise of new technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Big Data, is leading us into a new era of digital and data-driven organisations.

Companies seeking a competitive edge and increased resilience must now combine the potential of technology and human to develop new digital capabilities. Recent disruptions - including the Covid pandemic, climate change, and geopolitics- have all demonstrated that companies need to be adaptive to stay future-proof.

Resilience isn’t the only benefit. According to the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR), companies that complete a digital transformation show an average revenue growth 17.3% higher than those lagging behind on digital.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data have become central to many companies’ efficiency in just a few years and digitalisation will continue to transform industries as further new technologies emerge. Harnessing their benefits at an enterprise level is already underway. In one survey in 2022, 92% of large companies reported achieving returns on their data and AI investments.

Effective use of digital and analytics improves productivity, efficiency, and sustainability within organisations but these benefits are untapped for many - another CISR study of over a thousand global firms found that only 22% are “future-ready”.

The biggest challenge for companies is understanding how to use digital & analytics to generate more value for their customers in an efficient and sustainable way. This is where Avertim can help you.

Our Approach to Digital & Analytics

At Avertim, we have identified the 4 key steps to building your digital journey:

  1. Define your digital strategy based on your maturity, vision, and purpose. Align business strategy, digital ambitions, and IT capabilities, to thrive alongside global digital transformation.

  1. Transform your operating model by translating your digital strategy into applicable and actionable objectives at every level of your organisation.

  1. Combine human and technological enablers to sustain your digital transformation by harnessing the power of data and your talents.

  1. Effectively execute your digital roadmaps by implementing organizational flexibility with a strong digital mindset to deliver the required outcomes.

How Avertim can help

With more than 15 years of digital expertise across industries, we partner with our clients to bring value to every level of your organisation, from digital strategy to data analytics and digital projects implementation.

The deep sector knowledge and experience of our consultants in business analytics enables us to offer and integrate a wide range of digital analytics services including:

  • digital strategy;
  • digital transformation;
  • digital supply chain;
  • digital sales & marketing;
  • digitisation & automation;
  • industry 4.0; and
  • data & analytics.

Our approach is hands-on with tools and practical methodologies to support clients through each phase of their digital transformation journey.


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