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In today’s fiercely competitive environment, business model transformation is essential. Successful change efforts increase resilience and sustainability, honing a competitive edge. But only one in five business transformation programs succeed – why?

Ongoing business model transformation is essential to surviving disruption. Companies constantly face new challenges to their operating models from changes in the political and socio-economic environment, people management, resources, new technologies and digitalisation.

To realise all the benefits of transformation - such as efficiency, profitability, employee wellbeing, service and outcome improvements - everyone involved must be empowered to embrace change and commit to the organisation's future with the right mindset.

Our approach to business transformation 

At Avertim, we have identified 5 elements that are key to transformation success. 

  1. Transformation office: Often transformation efforts fail because organisations can’t or won’t make critical decisions. Creating a "transformation office", with effective staffing and governance to lead and oversee the process, elevates the transformation’s import.
  2. Change Management: Dedicated change management resources, and a holistic approach, are key to both lasting success and an adaptive operating model and mindset.
  3. Visionary leadership: Creating a compelling destination and purpose contributes strongly to employee trust in the transformation process.
  4. Causality: To realise the objectives of the journey the causal factors (HR, Communication, Team spirit, …) need to be identified and adapted accordingly to support the transformation.
  5. Agility: Allowing for the adjustment of the transformation journey, by adapting the timeline, sequence and priorities, is essential in today’s ever-changing environment.

How Avertim can help you

The deep sector knowledge and experience of our consultants enables us to partner with our clients through their transformation journey: to be the soundboard for transformation leads; outline the transformation journey; guide you through the process; and install the right mindset with an adaptive culture.

Our approach is hands-on with tools and practical methodologies to support clients through each phase of the transformation process, and through to the benefits a success transformation brings.

Avertim can support you in:

  • Facilitating Vision definition;

  • Setting-up and executing Transformation office;

  • Managing Portfolio;

  • Customizing a Change Management journey; 

  • Coaching of middle management.


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