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Because being an Avertimer means being part of a family (and that life is) not limited to working hours; we organize different events throughout the year! We aim at creating a strong community of people, driven by the same passion and values. No one should feel alone in the organization but surrounded by a team of professionals eager to help and support. This is why we put such a strong emphasis on the organization of social events as well as professional networking, like conferences, monthly afterworks, thematic workshops, professional association meetings, innovation café’s, sports, cultural events and many more! 


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Just another impersonal or run of the mill consultant company? You couldn't be more wrong!  

We make the connection between diversity, inclusion, and corporate social responsibility. These aren't just passing trends at Avertim and are approached with serious intent that results in actual effective delivery. We think about our organizations impact on the world and it's embedded within our mindset, it comes naturally. You can feel that it's genuine when talking to your colleagues about it. Our actions range from engaging in non-profit causes, volunteering, donating, giving back to the community in a qualitative way.

For us, is more than just giving back to the community; it's also ensuring that you feel included at work and feel a connection with your colleagues. That you feel comfortable being able to talk to anyone in the organization and feel that you are represented : creating a sustainable and accessible relationship between juniors and seniors, promoting coaching, trainings and communities to make people knowing each other. This isn't something easy to achieve during these times (covid), but at Avertim we're doing our best to stay connected, being transparent, getting to know you, and making you feel at ease. 


Maximizing joy, being empathetic, and striving towards diversity should always be our commitment!

Avertim, in a few figures, is...


Kirsten shared her story 

I decided to make the change to consultancy and more precise for Avertim because I wanted to work in an environment that gave me more responsibility, where I could learn a lot - both from other consultants and from the people I work with on a project -, progress quickly and get exposure to a wide variety of industries and topics. My biggest fear when choosing to work as a consultant, were the stories you heard that in some companies you’d be put on a project that you didn’t approve and that you’d have no input of when you would like to leave. So when choosing consultancy companies to apply at, I made sure I did my research and only apply to companies where I know they’d guarantee to always ask my input and ensure my wishes and wants are listened to.

  • Kirsten J., Consultant

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