Embedding sustainability at your organisation’s core

Corporate sustainability has become a high-priority topic, growing more urgent daily. Organisations must embrace and embed sustainability at their core - aligning people, planet, and profit.

Environmental and ethical aspects have not always been central to business decision making. Profit maximisation was often the main driving force and growth through use of natural resources seen as unlimited. Sustainability was not a key consideration. Now different factors are putting pressure such as climate change, energy prices, new regulations and the ambition of ethical governance.

We must act now to mitigate impact, create new opportunities for growth, and protect everyone’s future. Embedding sustainability in a company's business roadmap has become a must through pivoting towards sustainable business models and operations.

Many of our clients struggle with defining the right goals and selecting the right solutions to implement. Other challenges include prioritising the project portfolio, ensuring realisation of the benefits and reporting on the outcomes.

Our approach to your sustainability journey and corporate governance

Avertim understand the sustainability journey. Over the past 15 years, we have focused on increasing our own CSR footprint. As a European consulting firm supporting hundreds of clients we have also supported clients in pivoting their business models, developing new services, and improving the sustainability of their operations.

Expertise gained from our position in the market, and our relationship with various large industry players, allows us to effectively influence our clients on an economic, social and environmental level.

We offer a set of distinct services:

  • Sustainability strategy & roadmap: jointly defining goals, selecting and reviewing a portfolio of sustainability solutions including prioritisation, and creating the roadmap and governance for implementation.
  • Sustainability business model & services: developing new business models and services for clients that incorporate sustainability. As one example, we provide competitive intelligence and investment decision support on acquisition of new technologies.
  • Sustainable operations: implementing solutions with real impact on goals, such as carbon and energy consumption reduction, across the value chain.
  • Sustainability reporting: providing monitoring and reporting on relevant metrics, using our expertise from across various industries and our understanding of required regulations.

How Avertim can help you

Avertim don’t just talk the talk – we work each day on our goal of increasing our own sustainability and that of our clients. We use our experience, consulting skills and methodologies to drive impact.

Our unique positioning between strategy and operations means we understand your challenges. We work with you to implement relevant solutions with the right impact.

Our experience embedding ESG at enterprise level includes:

  • Energy transition;
  • Carbon neutrality within the transport sector;
  • Sustainable production and operations in the pharmaceutical sector;
  • and ESG in banking.

Through these and other projects, Avertim has proven ability to add value and increase customer sustainability maturity. We support our clients in ensuring meaningful corporate social responsibility through sustainable change.


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