The liberalization of the transportation sector is putting pressure on historical public service providers. While ensuring business continuity, the sector has to deal with major changes to their strategies, processes and technology to be able to maintain their position within a competitive market.
Moreover, environmental and ethical concerns are also high on the agenda within this industry.

  • Expanding capacity & infrastructure extensions to respond to increasing demands from transport users
  • Increasing the uptake and scale-up of innovative solutions in order to achieve sustainable mobility in urban areas
  • Managing security and safety issues
  • Improving customer experience during journeys
  • Guaranteeing quality service, punctuality & safety with reduced budgets

Future challenges


Through several innovative technologies: Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, connectivity, smart devices, blockchain, cloud technology, etc. 

Customer centricity Through
Customer centricity Through

I. Intermodality between transportation methods, Mobility as a Service (MaaS). <br> II. Punctuality improvements.

Production efficiency
Production efficiency

Key topics include developing responses to emerging low-cost & increased competition as well as improving operational efficiency by increasing OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).



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