This project concerns a maintenance contract for vehicles in an automotive company. The registration process was initially manual, slow and not paperless. Even if this product generates profits, the cost could be substantially reduced.


  • Digitalize the whole client subscription and registration process.
  • Create a new subscription tool for dealerships.
  • Make the client independent and make possible the online subscription.
  • Reduce the costs linked to the product (less FTE's, paperless process, etc.)
  • Product pricing review.
  • Enhance clients' loyalty.

Our Approach

  • Business requirement analysis.
  • Development of a new CRM tool implemented on Salesforce for the back-office team to follow the exchange flow with clients from beginning to end. ​
  • Process review and modelization.​
  • Integration of a new self-service tool on the existing client portal. Clients can make price simulations and make an online subscription to a contract by signing it electronically and entering his/her bank data for domiciliation. Everything is digital. ​
  • Creation of a new online subscription tool for dealerships.
  • Complete product pricing review.
  • Integration of the product into the ‘used cars’ market.


    • 50% reduction in processing time for validation of subscription requests.
    • Simplified subscription process for dealerships and clients.
    • Automatic synchronization between all systems impacted by the contract subscription process.
    • No more issues with incomplete or lost subscription documents.
    • 100% paperless new subscription and approval process.