An Information & Communications Technology (ICT) integrator wanted to leverage its specific know-how in visual communication


  • Create new marketable products & services based on its technology that was based on centralized communication via screens (known as digital signage)

Our Approach

  • Evaluate the worldwide Digital Signage market based on functional and technical requirements
  • Select a technological partner based on the funnel-approach (i.e. narrow down a list of potential partners to finally select 1)
  • Develop innovative Digital Signage product value proposition in collaboration with the selected partner
  • Ensure alignment with client’s other products
  • Assist the client in bringing the product to both existing and new global clients via sales support:
    • segmented target market
    • created a differentiated offer for each target segment
    • trained sales staff to recognize segments and propose differentiated offer via a “product book”
    • created sales brochures


    • The client  successfully brought its new solution to market with sales >1M€ in 6 months
    • The clients' sales teams learned a segmentation style sales approach
    • The client came back to Avertim for support on additional projects