A multinational logistics company wanted to harmonize, automize and digitalize its freight forwarding operations. The company had acquired several entities which had not yet merged the tools and processes used in the different countries.


  • Conduct a preliminary analysis of the digitalization project
  • Map the E2E operational processes for core use cases (capacity planning, pricing, bidding, booking, contracting, documentation workflows, etc.)
  • Draft specifications for a new Train Management Systems
  • Identify potential solution providers

Our Approach

  • Conduct field surveys via interviews
  • Organize Gemba sessions
  • Map processes on Visio
  • Identify similar workflow and specific cases, prioritize
  • Describe expected functionalities
  • Get internal alignment on priorities
  • Define and validate SLA & criteria for the TMS


    • 26 interviews conducted on 3 main sites
    • 3 key activities prioritized (sales, operations, invoicing)
    • 38 jobs listed for the future tool
    • 110 vendors listed
    • 13 applications short-listed
    • 3 best candidates presented to the clients and 3 alternatives