An independent company working in the railways since 1 April 2015 wanted to adopt a new way of managing its 600 employees by the implementation of "continuous improvement”​.


To implement this new culture, two operational pilot projects were launched:

  • Maximize cleanliness in the train
  • Ensure the punctuality of trains from Paris

Our Approach


A mixture of a “pure” operational excellence approach with a line change approach divided into 5 areas:​

  • Raise  awareness of the Executive Committee on two sessions with practical exercises, a presentation of best practices and Gemba​
  • Use of LEAN methodology for both pilot projects including the search for "quick wins”​
  • Train managers ​
  • Train 40 line managers

The Operational Excellence and LEAN methodology:​

  • Approach Change management/communication will impact 600 employees​


  • Improved cleanliness and punctuality​
  • Presence of LEAN skills at the customer and use as part of the initiation and monitoring of future projects​
  • Exemplary role of management regarding Operational Excellence Continuous Improvement