With the objective of recovering the used car market share, a car brand had redefined its strategy. Avertim assisted the company to turn this strategic vision into reality.


Increase the awareness of the brand

Ensure the purchase for the end customer by offering a complete digital experience, a full support to the dealer network, and spread a strong communication

Increase the sales results

Improve the brand's website, define business needs and translate into IT developments


Our Approach

> Analyze the situation
> Create quarterly agenda and be aligned with team
Share roadmap of the project and milestones we wanted to achieve as a brand
> Review results and adjust what could be done better
> See the result and make a training session with the whole team and the stakeholders of the project(s)


Improved the brand, its results and its weight inside the company
> â€‹Improved the global experience on the website (UX, sales results, leads, ...)
> Realized a national marketing campaign
>The company never had great results, but thanks to the project the brand had the highest sales results during the corona crisis