A major airport wanted to smoothen its Transfer Process, minimize number of misconnected passenger and manage data streams from various Stakeholders and operations by applying complex event processing.​


  • Develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) that understands the Transfer Process and the impact of various events on the flow of passenger​ transfer
  • Develop a PoC that provides real-time corrective actions with respect to misconnected passengers​

Our Approach

  • Create Project Schedule (including Milestones and deliverables) and define roles & responsibilities amongst team members​
  • Identify and involve all critical Stakeholders for the PoC​
  • Organize workshops with different Stakeholders to understand activities and map processes​
  • Gather business rules​
  • Understand customer needs and translate to Critical Customer Requirements (CCR's)​
  • Set up Data Collection Plan​
  • Define the scope of the PoC and align this scope with the expectations of the different stakeholders​
  • Develop the complex event processing software according to scrum principles
  • Build training material and organize training sessions for the stakeholders


    • Structured workshops delivered expected outcome
    • Successfully captured CCR's
    • Gained in-depth insight into the processes of all stakeholders
    • Development of a PoC that includes data streams and business rules from all critical stakeholders
    • PoC delivered within budget