A major pharmaceutical company decided to digitalize laboratories as a key component of the Quality Strategy Plan


  • Choose software and develop specific features
  • Build an interface with ERP and instruments
  • Plan hardware update (including Wi-Fi)
  • Impact  Master Data and procedural documentation
  • Define a Change Management strategy
  • Deploy in all 10+ sites (worldwide)

Our Approach

Act as a PMO for business deployment:
  • Develop and apply governance (organization, decisions, communication...)
  • Plan and execute the deployment
  • Monitor and control activities (visual management/KPI/reporting)
Support digital transformation:
  • Collect data worldwide
  • Interact with lab analysts
  • Harmonize and develop electronic methods
Define the Change Management Strategy:
  • Define a strategy (inform-engage-train-support)
  • Build and monitor the Communication Plan (a clear, consistent, recognizable message at the right time)
  • Develop and apply the mobilization Plan (a step by step approach to building the momentum)

Our Results

    • Increase laboratory efficiency by minimizing data transcription, paper documentation and manual circulations
    • Harmonize and standardize the way of working and equipment
    • Reinforce data integrity
    • Engage and motivate people