A big pharmaceutical company has decided to restructure the department in charge of processes & training for its clinical organization (5.000 people)


  • Increase the training efficiency (through an E2E process understanding) and reduce FTE costs
  • Avertim has been called to assess the department of Business Process Management (BPM) maturity  in order to:
    • Reap the full benefits of the organization: from a structure which is fit for purpose to one enable to deal with future changes
    • Support the general BPM mindset and culture

Our Approach

Avertim suggests to carry out a business process maturity assessment
  • In our experience, the correct choice of Maturity assessment model provides a roadmap to improve this level in order to systematically increase the capabilities of a business process and the whole organization in order to deliver higher performance levels
  • The correct choice of the Maturity model is key and depends on the nature of the organization. At the same time, not all business processes must necessarily reach the highest maturity level, and the definition of a specific goal state is important to achieve the highest benefits
  • Avertim proposes a five-step approach spread over three distinct phases: assessment, implementation & monitoring. These are the subject of 3 distinct offers, detailed in this presentation


    • Definition of the BPM approach that best fits the organizational strategy and objectives
    • Performing the diagnosis of the actual maturity and/ or capability level performed
    • Determination of the optimal maturity level in relation to the strategic goals determined
    • Agreement on the roadmap to move from the initial state to the desired level of BPM maturity & implementation agreed