• A pharmaceutical leader wants to improve its EHS performance by launching a remediation program structured in 4 working groups, each pillar is lead by specific PM. Program manager goal is to build and coordinate a harmonized response to recurrent corporate audit findings.
  • Despite recurrent initiatives, management still has to acknowledge an important amount of accidents.​​​​​​ So, corporate audit findings illustrated a critical situation.



Considering the reputational risk a transversal program specially dedicated to safety improvement has been launched.

  • Change people mindset by increasing safety leadership.
  • Improve the safety procedures.
  • Keep in mind that transversal aspect is key.
  • Lead EHS Program.


Our approach 

  1. Create a multidisciplinary team : Safety Dpt, Operations Dpt, R&D.
  2. Design a 18months roadmap.
  3. The program has been splitted lin 4 workstreams, coordinated by 2 project managers. 
  4. Settle a Governance process and communication plan.
  5. Deploy the dedicated roadmap.



  1. Implementation of new standard procedures.
  2. Leadership of managers improved.
  3. New mindset in the organization towards safety installed.
  4. Reduction of the number of accidents.


So, are you ready to have an impact too?