A major pharmaceutical company wanted to improve the quality and robustness of its manufacturing data. In this aim, a phased plan was developed to foster data quality culture and to remediate systems and processes.


  • Improve compliancy regarding good manufacturing principles on data management.
  • Ensure data reliability to develop a  competitive advantage.

Our Approach

  • Educate employees on data integrity principles to develop a quality culture and foster awareness & detection.
  • Identify risks by deploying risk assessments on systems and processes.
  • Prioritize actions on critical data impacting product quality.
  • Review roles & responsibilities on local and global levels to sustain data integrity in the long term.
  • Identify remediation projects generating digital opportunities.
  • Manage interdependencies with other projects.
  • Establish a data governance board to monitor progress against remedial actions and to monitor operations.
  • Develop Key Risk Indicators to measure effectiveness.


  • Product Quality strengthened
  • Productivity increased
  • Improvement of compliancy in the company