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Sustainability is at the (h)earth of our culture 

We bring together passionate coworkers, working within a strong framework around three causes, to create a portfolio of sustainable initiatives. Our coworkers are encouraged to give back to our society, connecting with local communities or creating environmental awareness. We also aspire to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, by endorsing the guidelines of renown certifications. 

How we deliver our sustainability initiatives | 3 Causes

At Avertim, we are community of fulfilled employee and partners committed to drive positive change for our society and our planet. Aligned with our vision and history, three causes have been defined, closely aligning with our business model: Health, Education and Environment.

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Enable individuals and communities to achieve and enhanced overall quality of life by contributing to advancement in healthcare and promoting a supportive environment.

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Unlock the full potential of individuals from all background by providing them with the necessary knowledge and education for their personal and professional development.

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Help individuals and organizations to undertake environmentally responsible actions for the long-term benefit of our economies, communities and planet.

Our Sustainability Report of 2023

Learn about our 2023 initiatives and our goals for the year ahead! 

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Our Code of Business Conduct 

Embodies our commitment to business ethics and integrity. It establishes clear standards of behavior and applies to all Avertim employees and business partners, ensuring professional conduct and mutual respect in all our interactions.

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Our Supplier Code of Conduct

Outlines the standards we require from our suppliers in terms of human rights, ethical work practices, business integrity, and environmental protection. This code defines the principles our suppliers must adhere to, ensuring their conduct aligns with Avertim Values.

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Report Archives


NFR 2023

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​ NFR 2022 

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Anti-Bribery Policy

​ NFR 2020

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