An international energy giant is exploring new ideas for innovative product & services. The innovation team is looking for concrete blockchain business cases for the German market.


  • Help the team in the process of identification and validation of relevant business cases
  • Map the blockchain ecosystem in the energy sector
  • List up possible use cases and benchmark pilot projects already launched

Our Approach

Navigating the blockchain chaos
  • Understanding of blockchain basics
  • Comparing different blockchain solutions for the energy market (ethereum, tendermint, hyperledger, WEF, Powerledger, etc..)
  • Mapping the ecosystem of actors in Germany (startups, technology providers, developers)
Building the bridge with tech providers and startups
  • Sourcing companies and startup that develop blockchain solutions or products on top, specifically for the energy market
  • Engaging with them and the client through expert call and live workshops

Our Results

    • Acting as a sparring partner to challenge potential business concepts
    • Draft the business case (value proposition, customer benefits, business model, resources & partners required, etc..)