Avertim moves its headquarters to the Blue Tower 

Avertim has evolved over the few past years as a digital company, pushed by the need for collaboration with our consultants, our international expansion in Europe, and of course the recent COVID-19 events.

Nevertheless, our office spaces are and will remain core elements of our company culture and “glocal” development model definitely based on our proximity with our people, staff, candidates and clients.

10 years ago in 2010, the 33 Avertim employees took up quarters at the Louise Tower in Brussels. They worked hard, met, shared, learned, persevered, grew together, celebrated successes, and started collaborations with amazing people. What a nostalgy to think of these times in 2020, but what an excitement to move into new offices at the same time!

Today we are very excited to share about our “Bluemove” to our new headquarters in the Blue Tower in Brussels. It opens a new chapter for us, a new adventure. 10 years later, we are more than 220 to move to an office space of approximately 1000 square meters.

The Avertim adventure continues by opening a new chapter at our new address:




Blue Tower,

Avenue Louise 326, 16th floor

1050 - Brussels

It is in Avertim’s DNA to continuously innovate. Therefore, we leveraged this unique opportunity to implement new ways of working and encourage our brand new paperless policy. Moreover, our goal is to maintain our sustainable growth during the coming years by helping our clients to solve operational issues and to thrive as market leaders. A lot of changes have been made to promote professional environment quality.

We have implemented an open space set up with multiple meeting rooms and smaller meeting bubbles. This type of office design and organization has loads of benefits; the open space perfectly reflects our open-mindedness and promotes continuous collaboration!

Further we benefit from new modern interior and office design to create a productive and professional working environment. We also have designed an atrium to welcome clients and future talents at Avertim.

What’s more, we keep our cherished skyline view at the same level (16th floor), overing us a marvelous view over the “Bois de la Cambre” and “Etangs d’Ixelles".

We are thankful to the team of Avertimers that worked hard to keep everything on the right track. Their responsibilities were multiple:

  • Internal and external communication before, during and after the move
  • Change management (parking spots, paperless policy, secured printing, new ways of working, etc.)
  • Office organization and design in collaboration with an architect agency
  • IT infrastructure update (videoconferencing, audio visual project, …)
  •  Practical aspects of the move itself during the containment period
  • Budget, planning and project support

Overall the project was a great success. The pre-defined goals and deadlines were met to the delight of all Avertimers.

We are convinced that this new working space will allow all its visitors to let their idea fly free…