Within an international Telecommunication company active in Belgium, give support to the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) team for 3 months.


  • Define and implement customer value propositions (including product & application offers, projects, campaigns, direct marketing programs, commercial actions) for Postpaid line of business with the purpose to increase market penetration, revenues and contribution.

Our Approach

  • Carry out competition's benchmarks with a methodology
  • Carry out analyses (pros/cons, SWOT, feasibility, ..).
  • E.g. analyze feasibility of opening Out Of Bundle option on old tariff plans. Gather information about potential revenues, strengths/weaknesses, opportunities/threats, client perception, claims of the client who have already this option, Social Media analysis (incl. creation of new tags), … 
  • Make the bridge between business and operations: following the client's Project Management WoW, collaborate with a PM and IT. Requirements elaboration, MoSCoW prioritization method, use cases, customer journey, presentation, ...
  • Being part of a large Innovation program, CVP focused (customer-oriented): attend all workshops and core teams, sensitization, give insights, think out of the box. Be the speaker
  • Solve problems with methodology: e.g. be compliant to legal obligations. Handle IBPT requests/claims and find (temporary or structural) solutions. Or analyze the need & feasibility of creating a new promotional offer for client partners (external resources). Workshops and follow up.


    • Two international benchmarks operated, with synthesis and slides
    • The decision was taken not to open the Out Of Bundle option to old tariff plans for the moment. Pain points identified to resolve first.
    • Project management: development of new promotions patterns in an IT tool.
    • Development of the first offer ideas related to the innovation program (new technology coming on the market - confidential).
    • Temporary solution elaborated in order to resolve IBPT claims