Within a major bank in Belgium, support the launch of a program to define and implement the tools for a new, digital, way of working for its employees.


  • New mobile offer offering high-end devices, smartphones and tablets, bundled with a Telecom subscription
  • Replacement of all existing BlackBerry devices by smartphones
  • Definition of the strategy
  • Deployment of Enterprise Mobile App Store offering the necessary apps to enhance the working experience on mobile devices

Our Approach

  • Workshops organization with all involved business lines to identify business requirements & scope
  • The final decision on RFP to select an external provider to outsource Mobile Device Management services
  • Follow-up and negotiation meetings with their provider to ensure correct development and deployment of the outsourced services, including:
    • Purchasing of mobile devices
    • Ordering and delivery of devices
    • Asset management
    • Service desk and support to end-users
    • Finance (invoicing) and HR (tax on the benefit in kind) data flow implementation
  • Deployment of a new ordering tool for end-users
  • Roll out of the new mobile offer
  • Selection and benchmarking of mobile apps needed to be deployed on the new Enterprise Mobile App Store
  • Testing and deployment in production of mobile apps
  • Management of transition from the bank’s managed services to the outsourced target operating


    • Align working tools with current trends
    • Propose an attractive salary package to attract and retain talent
    • Enhance the mobility capabilities of their employees
    • Improve the working efficiency and productivity thanks to the usage of mobile devices vs. only laptop
    • Allow cost reduction on the services of the mobile device thanks to the outsourcing of non-core activities of the bank