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Our commitment towards our People 

As a consulting firm, employee respect & wellbeing are close to our heart. Avertim drives people-oriented initiatives to meet employee expectations and guarantees individual fulfilment for its employees throughout their career.

The purpose of this pillar is “to provide a work environment and a framework which enables the professional development of each Avertimer and to increase the feeling of wellbeing at work above 80%”.

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Our commitment to excellence begins with its people

The Avertim family is diverse in terms of gender, nationality, skills, and personality which makes us strong. Our employees include a large variety of profiles and backgrounds: business engineers, civil engineers, bioengineers, PHD graduates and professionals with experience in Business, Finance, Marketing or HR.

We have embedded our practices in a policy whose main goal is to help each Avertimer to feel valued as an individual, but also to ensure equal opportunities. No difference is made during our recruitment process or a further career at Avertim, regardless of gender, marital status, religion, age, color, sexual orientation, gender identification, nationality, or disability.

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Our AvertimHer Community 

Avertim has launched a new community:  AvertimHer. By creating this community, we want to go a step further and bring together men and women who are eager to support and promote women leadership.

  • Vision: Empowering  Avertimer in their career development  without gender distinction.
  • Mission: Raising awareness among our teams by supporting women leadership, providing guidance & promoting role models. 
  • Pillars: Leadership empowerment, Career development, Work-life Balance, Care improvement.


Our other latest initiatives 

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