An energy company needed our support with the management of a new team to improvement their internal processes.


  •       Avertim is involved in the management of a newly created team for energy service operations.
  •      Governance and processes are not clearly defined in the team so they need to be redefined. 
  •      Avertim is responsible for the management of the daily operations and team.
  •      The objective is to improve existing processes and implement  new ones.

Our approach 

  1. ​​​​​​​Map all (un)necessary ESO customer service tasks.
  2. Restructure/organize communication and information sharing within the ESO team.
  3. Decision, documentation and monitoring of a new ESO communication flow.
  4. Decision, documentation and monitoring of a knowledge management tool.
  5. Set up a training program for new ESO customer care agents.



  1. Workload reporting created room for forecasting/proactive tasks.
  2. Better internal communication gave insight in/overview of issues, complaints, process updates.
    This results in more efficient servicing of ESO clients.
  3. A first complete training program resulted in an upstaff of new collaborators.

So, are you ready to have an impact too?