Avertim takes actions
to reduce its footprint on environment

  • Reduction of paper use
  • Waste management in headquarters
  • Reimbursing consultants for creation fees of Villo! memberships
  • With the support of Bruxelles Mobilité, Avertim created its first Mobility Plan this year, with an action plan running until 2020.



Mobility Plan

In Belgium and particularly in Brussels, we know that the main objective is to reduce the congestion on roads in order to preserve the environment. Being a consultancy company requires to work at various place depending on our projects and missions. Therefore, it is our duty to understand and reduce our impact on CO2 emission. Avertim decided to create a dedicated team to tackle this subject by developing a mobility plan. This mobility plan is covering the following aspects: 

  • Raising the awareness amongst Avertimers
  • Creation of office's multi-modal access plan
  • Trial month of BMW i3 which is an electric car
  • Design a mobility budget within our company in order to preserve consultant’s mobility in a greener way 



Waste sorting

Each year in Belgium, 700,000 tons of packaging are sorted and 92% are recovered to be reused which allow us to avoid 670,000 tons of CO2. Our future depends on how we are acting now.

At Avertim, we believe that as an individual and as a company, we can still have a positive impact on our environment, participate in raising awareness and be prepared for tomorrow's changes.  As a company, we need to be a model and sensitize our collaborators and our clients as well. Avertim's premises have special bins for PMC waste, cardboard and paper and other residual waste (food residues or any other packaging that has been in contact with a perishable content). In addition, we have provided the Avertimers with explanatory posters to better inform where each waste needs to go. 

This way, no more doubts! Sorting is possible!


I see CSR as an opportunity to make changes. 2016 marked the year in which Avertim integrated CSR into its way of working. Most of what we do is behind the scenes where we work on our 3 pillars (people, society, environment). I, for example, am lucky to be part of the mobility team, a spin-off of the CSR team's previous efforts. Through incremental changes and CSR promoted activities, I hope to pass on our CSR message to all Avertimers". 

  • Tinne B., Senior Consultant, Life Sciences sector