A clear governance driven by trust & fair practices

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Our philosophy towards Governance 

Having a strong governance is essential in a consulting company. At Avertim, it aims at creating an environment where trust, transparency and ethical management are part of our foundations and embodied by all Avertimers.

It also ensures that business partners and service providers share the same values and principles in our business relationships. Furthermore, this entails rules related to ethics, anti-bribery, respect of confidentiality and privacy, all of those reflected in a code of business conduct for which implementation falls under the authority of the Ethics Committee. In addition, our pursuit of labels such as B Corp & Ecovadis reflects our determination to improve for the common good. 

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Sustainability is part of our vision statement

As an Innovation and Management consulting group, Avertim wants to be a positive change maker and support sustainable growth. Our positioning enables us to support clients and associations not only by providing financial resources but also by bringing our knowledge, methodologies and tools to solve sustainability issues.


"We are a community of fulfilled employees & partners committed to drive positive change for our society and our planet."

Mission & Vision

Our Values

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Our journey towards certifications

Certifications guarantee the sustainability of our value chain management. It both serves as a roadmap for launching social and environmental initiatives throughout the Group, and as compass to measure and reward progress accomplished in terms of sustainability.


Through an assessment based on 4 criteria (Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement), Avertim Belgium has been credited with a bronze edal. Our 2023 objective is to improve our ranking by working on our major improvement axes and to obtain the silver medal by 2023 and the gold medal by 2025.




B Corp

Being B Corp certified means meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency on aspects ranging from employee benefits, charitable giving to supply chain practices. Avertim Group is on a journey to becoming B Corp certified, with the objective of obtaining this certification by 2024.

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Our commitment to Ethics & Transparency 

We believe that building a culture of trust and transparency is fundamental while conducting business. The way our employees behave is essential to promote a culture of ethics. We want to create an environment which encourages people to raise concerns, whenever needed during their employee lifecycle.



Our approach   towards   business   ethics   and   integrity is captured in our Global Code of Business Conduct, which sets clear standards  in terms of behaviour whether it concerns our employees,  clients  and suppliers.



To ensure consistency between the practices of our employees and our values, we have set up an ethics committee which missions are to receive and manage ethical whistleblower reports and to conduct investigations while guaranteeing confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality. 


We are opposed to bribery in any form. In that regard, an anti-bribery policy is being implemented as part of the Code of Conduct. The policy addresses such as bribery, gifts and entertainment, and any other form of payment. It clearly states that none can be accepted or offered to gain competitive advantage.   

A strong team

Having a strong CSR Team in place is essential to prioritize both long and short-term initiatives and ensure consistency between our different offices to mutualize team efforts.

Strategy Committee

Avertim Sustainability program is led at group level by the Sustainability Strategy Committee: The CEO, the CFO, the Director of Talent Development, the Director of the Solution department, and a French Partner.

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Countries Leaders

Each of the Sustainability Strategy Committee members coordinates one of the 5 CSR pillars with the 4 CSR country teams in charge of mobilizing Avertimers around meaningful sustainability initiatives whether local or global.  

Reports archives 

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Anti-Bribery Policy

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