Within a major bank company, give support on the implementation of a new brand identity. And due to an enormous number of supports used, a special project had been launched


  • Create an environment where everybody was informed and could participate
  • Ensure that all the supports were switched in the new branding like printed supports, e-media, websites, …
  • Standardize and rationalize the different supports

Our Approach

  • Identify and list the supports impacted by the rebranding
  • Distribute the supports in specific categories in order to develop synergies
  • Identify Single Point Of Contacts (SPOCs) in several departments of the bank that would relay the information and drive the brand changes through their department
  • Identify with the SPOCs several ambassadors that will support them to implement and develop the new supports through the teams
  • Elaborate a planning with the different SPOCs and ambassadors to implement the changes and communicate within the departments which supports already have been changed
  • Rationalize and standardize as much as possible the different supports
  • Organize workshops to align the different departments on the type of supports used, disruptive communication and tone of voice


    • Rigorous organization of the rebranding through the bank respecting scope, budget and timing
    • Standardization  and rationalization of the used supports decreased for some of 50%
    • Improved knowledge of the communicators on the branding through info sessions and workshops
    • Digitalization of the supports