Coordination and management of the implementation of new regulations related to risk composition, calculation and reporting. The project is at a European level for a financial services company.


Implementing, coordinating and managing several risk related projects:

> Mixed Approach project: modifying the risk composition, considering the risk on the client and debtor side
> NDoD ( New Definition of Default): adapting the rules within systems and processes to make them compliant with the new definition of default
> Other Risk reporting and RWA (Risk weighted asset) projects


Our Approach


Mixed Approach project:

Define and implement new governance and workstreams
> Define key elements of deliverables in collaboration with involved departments
> Create follow-up tool and monitor governance bodies
> Coordinate and SPOC for Group Internal Audit department
> Define the remediation of findings and recommendations issued by Group Internal Audit
> Planning of remediation plan and pre-application package delivery plan

Coordinate with ECB contact

NDoD project:
Governance follow-up
Coordination of the project's teams in different countries
> Specific management of workload of IT department


Mixed Approach 

Package delivered to Group Internal Audit on due time
Pre-application package sent to the ECB on due time.
> Application package is on track to be delivered.


> Implemented in Belgium
> Implementation on track in other EU countries