The ICT department of our client wanted to re-organize the way they were working in terms of project methodology, resource management and change management


  • A standardized methodology to support:
    • Internal projects and transverse transformation programs
    • Projects/solutions provided to clients
  • Governance to better prioritize projects and manage resources
  • A PMO new role as a guardian of the methodology and a facilitator for the governance

Our Approach

Assess AS-IS
  • Understand current way-of-working & gather historical data
  • Analyze the management information flow and decision streams (current governance, stakeholders management)
  • Evaluate the PMO maturity, validate needs, scope approach & planning
Design Methodology & Run pilot
  • Cluster projects by theme/type
  • Agree on governance
  • Conduct workshops to build a methodology based on Prince2/PMI that takes into account the specificities of the client
  • Analyze the list of projects  (~30 projects) & Implement methodology defined
Evaluate pilot & Roll-Out
  • Detect the possible improvement axes
  • Fine-tune methodology if required
  • Deploy Fine-Tuned methodology on all projects
  • Coach project managers
Evaluate PMO Benefits
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the methodology
  • Measure stakeholders satisfaction 


    • A better way to manage projects
    • A standard way of working facilitating central reporting and portfolio management
    • An efficient governance meeting to take decisions
    • Process & tools to support project managers in their job
    • A dashboard for escalation at the governance meeting