A Belgian Bank was active both in Netherlands (NL) and Belgium (BE). Products and services proposed in both countries were not the same & differently managed to lead to costly inefficiencies.


  • Harmonize products and services proposed to clients in both countries.
  • Define one way of managing these products & services in front & back office entities.
  • Make a proof of concept for integrating additional abroad subsidiaries in a second phase

Our Approach

AS-IS description ​
  • Listing current products and services proposed in both the Netherlands and Belgium.​
  • Understand and describe the processes in place in both entities to manage these products and services.​
Gap Analysis​
  • Proceed to Gap Analysis between the two environments to highlight key differences. ​
  • Understand and detail the pros and cons of both ways of working.​
Production of requirements​
  • Produce requirements for the target environment to be implemented by IT.​
  • Close follow-up of the project, making sure all deadlines and scope are respected until final delivery to IT​


    • Implementation of harmonized front to back processes to handle 3 "Life Events" impacting clients assets Deceased, Seizure and Divorces
    • Creation of one single front to back tooling chain aiming at managing any Life Event type.
    • Offering an improved customer experience for 10,5 million clients adapted to the digital and mobile world.
    • Confirm bankability to harmonize front to back processes aiming at integrating other subsidiaries.