Avertim is the only Belgian consulting company that gives the opportunity to young graduates to experience all aspects of the advisory business.

To put this into perspective, I'll share my "leadership" journey with you. In almost 2 years I did 4 rotations in the firm, starting as a Solution Officer, continuing as an internal Project Manager, then a Finance Officer and ending with a project at the client. During this adventure, the required skills are depending on your role, your responsibilities are continuously evolving and you're meeting new people everyday.

If I had to highlight one of the rotations, I would pick my role as project manager. Beginning of 2020 Avertim decided to move its Headquarters to a new location, the "Blue Move" project was born. The final product of this project was to deliver brand new offices that respect Avertim's quality standards, a pre-defined budget and the tight schedule in order ensure an improved workplace experience for everyone visiting our HQ! At the end of the Leadership program, I decided to develop myself as a consultant for one main reason. My goal is to help our client organizations to develop themselves and help their employees thrive in what they do.


Thank you Arthur ! 

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