As Payroll and Administration Manager,

My main role is to ensure that the employees of our 4 entities are paid on time. The end of the month is therefore very stressful, but I love the little adrenaline rush I get from it! I also take care of the different affiliations with the insurance companies, creating their profiles in our administrative tool, and my main function is also to answer employees’ questions on a day-to-day basis (emails, teams, calls, etc.). When a new person starts, we also have an onboarding meeting, which allows me to meet each new employee, which is always a pleasure! What I like about my job is the mix between numbers and the human side. I do a lot of my work alone, but I also have a lot of interaction, whether it’s with consultants, staff members or the different providers we use. And what I like about Avertim is its family side; you know everyone there is a really great company atmosphere. We are not numbers, but human beings. But above all, Avertim is a company that evolves quickly, and we have the opportunity to take part in lots of projects. Every day is different, and time just flies by!



Thank you Julie

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