Celebrate our journey & highlight our destination

Since the creation of Avertim, 15 years ago, we can recall quite some memories. The first days and weeks were dedicated to identify Avertim’s positioning which we haven’t changed until today. This is an indication that our fundamentals are very solid. It strengthened our convictions to continue on our chosen path and to produce this magazine to celebrate Avertim’s journey and successes, but also to highlight our new destination for the coming years.

For this coming period, Avertim take its inspiration from none other than Salvador Dali. Dali, also known for his famous moustache, which was thin, elongated and gracefully curved, like antennas, claimed to receive inspiration from the cosmos through his whiskers. With this same spirit Avertim goes for a graceful, inspirational and creative mindset adapting to the market needs and enhancing its internal capabilities in the different functions, sectors and countries.

We all, Staff and Consultants, can be proud of what we realized the past 15 years. With this celebration Yearbook we want to thank all our colleagues and clients that made Avertim to what we are today and with new employees in mind, to what Avertim will be in the future. Let’s develop Avertim to be part of another league at international level and as Dali quoted: “A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”