Good Manufacturing Practices in a box - The future of aseptic production. 

Avertim participated at the A3P Belgium two weeks agoto introduce its future collaboration with Ciseo as our Life Sciences services are constantly evolving to best anticipate our client’s needs.

Together with our internal experts we came to the same conclusion as the speakers of this A3P edition focused on “Closed System and Disruptive for Aseptic Process”: Single Use Systems (SUS) are being massively adopted as a common aseptic production standard but major obstacles remain. The traditional pharmaceutical production process relying on the “quality by QC” (or “Quality after Design”) approach mixed with Single Use components is not the final stage. Systems should be elaborated in accordance with the “Quality by Design” principles to ensure product quality and process robustness. Single Use components alone are just a part of the equation and should be integrated within a well-designed closed systems to fully solve quality challenges… which takes time, expertise and money.


 "GMP in a box" they say?  This is easy to say and much more difficult to implement!

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