Are your projects becoming increasingly complex? Are they failing or being shelved without project managers understanding why?  

In today's dynamic business environment, organisations face many challenges in achieving project success. Harmonising projects with business strategy, recruiting skilled people, using the right tools and methodologies, and communicating change are some of the key challenges today. But there is a solution: the Project Management Office (PMO).  

This white paper will help you navigate the complexities of modern project management by detailing its key challenges and demonstrating how you can use the power of a PMO to overcome and prevent these hurdles. Gain insight into the key roles and responsibilities that contribute to an effective Project Management Office, and explore the business benefits and growing popularity of PMOs. 

Finally, this white paper will outline Avertim's approach and best practices for implementing or enhancing a PMO, supported by a reference case. 

Avertim's 8 key & interconnected functions

PMO Whitepaper - 8 functions

The Power of the Project Management Office

Learn how implementing a PMO in your organisation will considerably help your project management

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Whitepaper - PMO June 2023 - Highlights

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