The client works hand in hand with its external contact center, which is currently not profitable and works inefficiently


  • The first purpose was to determine the As Is to be able to come up with a clear status of inefficient roles & tasks taking place on the floor & in the management
  • In a 2nd phase, draw up an action plan with optimization of the main processes (HR, Planning, Training, Staffing) as well as the implementation of the action plan

Our Approach

  • Face-to-face interviews with 15 key employees, mind mapping the set of tasks realized by each
  • GEMBA walks to confront reality on the field
  • Assembling of the whole mapping in order to list up all inefficiencies and the inaccurate tasks
  • First draft with the proposition of new optimized processes based on previous learnings
  • Creation of detailed Job Descriptions containing  only meaningful tasks and positions
  • High-level processes optimized based on Operational Excellence core principles (Lean efficiency)
  • Put in place workgroups that take the responsibility of the future situation
  • Animate and follow-up the workgroups to assure future compatibility by the “Plan-Do-Check-Act”-methodology and assure they are mature for long term improvements


  • The client’s external call center has improved the efficiency of its teams (KPI’s matching with client’s requirements)
  • Tasks and roles are clear and processes allow to focus on important missions
  • The expected quality by our client can be met without excessive control of the external call center direction board