From reducing our footprint to compensating our emissions, we care about our planet

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Our commitment towards Environment

Acting in an environmentally responsible way is the main message of this pillar. It shows our commitment to reducing our environmental impact by, for example, introducing a new mobility plan that will reduce our CO2 emissions or creating awareness amongst the Avertimers. As a consulting firm, we set ambitious goals to support our employees in their mobility transition.

We also bring our expertise to our clients to help them achieve their own sustainability goals thanks to our sustainability service lines.

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Decarbonizing our fleet with the Mobility Plan

Green & Flexible mobility

The urgent    climate    concerns    have    encouraged    the    emergence  of  new  alternative  mobility  solutions  in  recent  years.  That's why we choose to offer more flexibility to our employees with our Mobility Plan. Avertim Belgium employees  can  choose  to  give  up  their  company  car  and  opt  for  a  Mobility  Budget,  the  amount  of  which  is  equal  to  the  Total  Cost  of  Ownership  (TCO)  of  the  company  car  for  which  they  are  eligible.  This Mobility plan may be used to finance the use of public transport, soft mobility, electric car/bike, or even the rent or mortgage of employees choosing to live nearby the workplace.

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