A major Energy company decided to implement a server virtualization program which had a large scope in Belgium and France because multiple operating systems would be impacted.


  • Be more ‘green’ (CO2 emissions reduction)
  • Reduce costs (fewer servers, less m², less need for electricity, etc.)
  • Simplify the roadmap by decoupling hardware and software

Our Approach 

  1.      Organize workshops with senior managers to develop a business case.
  2. Establish virtualization strategy, which included:  
    •       Cost model  
    •       Eligibility criteria  
    •       Definition of organization change needed  
    •       Process implementations and refinements  
    •       Migration & testing approach
  3. ​​​Deploy new infrastructure (by interacting with new Data Centers)
  4. Implement consolidations and migrations, including managing negotiations between client and service delivery managers
  5. Manage transition towards service mode


  1.     The company benefited from cost reductions thanks to: 
    •     Power consumption decrease (3M kWh)  
    •     Less CO (TeqCO : 855)  
    •     Cost reduction : 320k€
  2.          Cost reduction (decrease of the CAPX, less m², …)
  3.          Reduction in number of servers by a factor of ~30
  4.          CO2 reduction
  5.         Performance improvements of >30%
  6.         Identify Datacenters improvement, in France, as prerequisite for the known objectives

So, are you ready to have an impact too?