Avertim is proud to launch its first non-financial CSR report.

At Avertim, we are convinced that a company must positively impact both the economy and its environment. Indeed, it is through collective and individual actions that sustainable improvements and responsible practices can be achieved.

This report will provide essential figures, testimonies and stories about all the initiatives we have taken to positively impact the world around us in 2019, beyond the core business activities of Avertim.

This report describes the way Avertim takes initiatives in accordance to its specific CSR Strategy and moves in the right direction.


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 The report is structured following the 3 pillars that compound the Avertim CSR Strategy


The Avertim mission is to take employee respect and well- being at heart. A considerable number of initiatives were taken. For instance, an onboarding program has been created to integrate new members in the best possible way. Besides that, a coaching and mentoring program has been launched to make it possible for juniors to be supported by seniors.  Finally,  Avertim attaches great importance to privacy. You will see some examples of actions in this regards.


The Avertim  CSR vision is to build  a long term sustainable partnership with local organizations that positively impact the society. You will discover the brand new partnership with TADA. A non-profit organization that supports vulnerable teenagers and their entourage by giving them access to knowledge. Furthermore, several initiatives such as the 20km of Brussels and shoebox led by Avertimers are shared in this report.


Finally, the last part of the report is linked to the environmental pillar. The CSR teams believe that as individuals as well as a company, we can still have a positive impact on our environment. An important challenge is mobility. This is why in 2018, the CSR team developed a mobility plan and founded the Mobility Coordination Team, created he offices’ multi-modal access plan and organized the trial month of an electrical car.

Some initiatives highlighted


Learning with TADA

A strong partnership with a non-profit organization that makes the difference and where sharing knowledge is done in a way that it directly and positively impacts the society.

20 km of Brussels

Sporty Avertimers to support a good social cause, by relaying each other and pushing the handibike of Amina and Clara for the Escapade Association until the finish line of the 20Km of Brussels.


Mobility Plan

The CSR team developed a mobility plan in 2018 that led to the creation of the Mobility Coordination Team, the creation of the offices’ multi-modal access plan and the trial month of an electrical car.

Shoe Box

Avertimers were invited to drop a wrapped shoebox at the foot of the Christmas tree that was distributed then to the ones in needs. Each year more and more boxes are collected 60 in 2018, 65 in 2019, let's do more in 2020 !


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